Guebelin Calibre Movement and Spares

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Guebelin.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
GBL 0702 GBL 7008 GBL A1016
 GBL 0703 GBL 7013 GBL A1017
 GBL 0704 GBL 7018 GBL A1022
 GBL 0705 GBL 7023 GBL A1023
 GBL 10-11N GBL 81 GBL G10358
 GBL 10088 GBL 856 GBL G7016
 GBL 160 GBL 972 GBL G7017
 GBL 188 GBL A1001 GBL G7022
 GBL 320 GBL A1003 GBL G7032
 GBL 55 GBL A1007 GBL K825
 GBL 660SS GBL A1010